Re: [Gegl-developer] Journal for changes to a GEGL graph

On 08-06-12 23:43, Jon Nordby wrote:
For instance adding a layer in GIMP may result in 5, 10 or even more
changes to the GEGL graph. Grouping these into one transaction then
allows GIMP to treat them as one logical change.
Which cool things do you think of?

- Sharing the undo/redo history across applications using GEGL
- Allowing the undo/redo history to be saved together with a document.
When you open an old file, you have all the history of it, since it
started existing.
- Working on the same document from two different applications at the same time.
- Preserving non-linear histories
- Browsing through the entire timeline of a document

This would imply that the GEGL "model" would have to be translatable
(ideally one-on-one) to the document model. Or where you just referring
to the case when people are actually editing GEGL graphs, rather than
some other image format?

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