Re: [Gegl-developer] New serialization format

Let's roll the ball a bit further.

Here is another try, with XML this time. In the process, I corrected some flaws that was present in the YAML and JSON test:
* the output node is mentioned explicitly. It was implicit before, the output node being the root of the tree.
* parameters and connection are separated by different tags, not just by name
* operation's ID and pad are separated when describing a connection, so no need to parse, and each can have ':' in their names

The different kind of parameters we can have:
- boolean
- int
- double
- string
- enumeration
- GeglColor (serialization defined in gegl-color.c) 
- GeglCurve (no serialization format defined)
- GeglPath (serialization defined in gegl-path.c

Is this better ?


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