[Gegl-developer] gegl-gtk and gegl-qt: web content, tarballs and release-note blurb

Martin (or someone else with access): Can you upload the gegl-qt and
gegl-gtk tarballs to ftp://ftp.gimp.org/pub ?


Øyvind: Can you upload these tarballs to www.gegl.org so we have
information about gegl-qt and gegl-gtk there?


They contain the HTML generated from the in-tree docs. Currently it
has only basic information, but much better than nothing. It is
assumed that they will be unpacked so that the content is accessible
from http://www.gegl.org/gegl-gtk and http://www.gegl.org/gegl-qt,

For the GEGL release note/announcement:
"Integration libraries for GEGL now exists for the most common open
source toolkits; Clutter, Qt and GTK+. These libraries simplify using
GEGL in graphical applications.

- gegl-gtk: http://www.gegl.org/gegl-gtk
- gegl-qt: http://www.gegl.org/gegl-qt
- gegl-clutter: http://www.gegl.org/gegl-clutter ?

Jon Nordby - www.jonnor.com

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