[Gegl-developer] gegl-gtk 0.0.7 released - 0.1.0 preview

gegl-gtk is an integration library for using GEGL in GTK+ based applications.

gegl-gtk provides a GeglGtkView widget, showing the output of a node in a
GEGL graph. Both GTK+ 2 and GTK+ 3 is supported.
The widget supports translation and scaling, along with autoscaling.

GObject Introspection bindings allows it to be used from languages like
Python, Vala, Javascript etc.

This release is a preview of the first stable release 0.1.0. Please help test.
Tarball: http://www.jonnor.com/files/gegl-gtk-0.0.7.tar.bz2
Md5sum: 646b2cf05a636ece6d55a9ba7d179361
Git tag: http://git.gnome.org/browse/gegl-gtk/tag/?id=0.0.7

Minor things like default arguments might still change, but unless
bugs are found the API is final.

gegl-gtk is packaged for Arch Linux, and can be found here:

Jon Nordby - www.jonnor.com

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