Re: [Gegl-developer] Babl CMYK-conversions

On Friday 23 December 2011 12:53:18 you wrote:
Thank you for your observation. The naive-cmyk extension is the only
one that should be there. As CMYK conversions go it is not good enough
either which is why it is called naive (that implementation seems to
have the correct component ordering as well). An extension that
implements conversions through ICC profiles and perhaps lcms would be
a more proper way to define a CMYK based color space and pixel format.

I'm very interested in a more ambitious implementation of the CMYK-colorspace. 
Also because I would like to do more experimentation with printed outputs of 
processed or otherwise created images. Do you have any suggestions for a good 
introductory work on the theory related to ICC-profiles and digital color 
management systems?


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