[gedit-list] Highlighting assist

Hello friends.
I was wondering if someone could assist me to get syntax highlighting working for the file format I have invented, Parallel Square Premusic.
I understand there is an entire and complicated XML structure suited for even the most complicated of file formats, but my demands are so tiny that surely I could more quickly get it done by asking those already familiar with it.
All I need is for every other pair of characters to be highlighted/colored differently if a line begins with [] (the 'literal square'). This would tremendously facilitate composition and interpretation of my format.
Happy Birthday
[]ly  ________Hap___birth___________Hap___birth___________Hap___birth___..._____Hap___birth___________
[]ly  _________-py___-day____________-py___-day____________-py___-day_______...__-py___-day___________
[]ly  __________________to__you!______________to__you!______________dear__________________to__you!____
[]PI  --------d4d4||e4d4g4||F$------d4d4||e4d4a4||g4------d4d4||d5b4g4||F$--e4--c5c5||b4g4a4||g4----||
[]rh  --------daad||dadada||daaaaaaadaad||dadada||daaaaaaadaad||dadada||daaadaaadaad||dadada||daaa--||

[]PI  ----d4------||--d4d4||----a3--a3--||--a3a3||----d4--d4--||--d4d4||----g4--g4--||--d4d4||d4----||
[]PI  ----b3------||--b3b3||----F#--F#--||--F#F#||----b3--b3--||--b3b3||----e3--e3--||--b3c4||b3----||
[]PI  g2--g3------||g2g3g3||d2--d3--d3--||d2d3d3||g2--g3--g3--||g2g3g3||c2--c3--c3--||g2g3F3||g3g2--||
[]rh  daaadaaa----||dadada||daaadaaadaaa||dadada||daaadaaadaaa||dadada||daaadaaadaad||dadada||dada--||
Here is some example premusic in my format, the familiar "Happy Birthday". The reader is to read not individual characters but pairs; thus it would be enormously useful for them to be colored in an alternatinway.

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