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On 2014-03-25, 17:00 GMT, Sébastien Wilmet wrote:
LaTeXila had more or less the same problems as your IDE, see:

The plan is to make the gedit source code more reusable, to be able to 
create specialized text editors and IDEs based on GtkSourceView. All the 
gedit code can not go in gsv, so a git submodule can also be created, 
like the libgd.

Developing a good text editor part of an IDE based on GtkSourceView 
still requires a lot of work. A better idea for the long term is to help 
making the gedit source code more reusable, so it benefits also other 
applications. If you want to help, you are more than welcome ;)

Well, even better would be if we could have finally 
document-type-specific plugins (like Vim and Emacs have). Then 
the LaTeXila wouldn’t have to have FAQ:

    Why LaTeXila is an independent application instead of 
    a gedit plugin?

    An independent application is easier for the users. The 
    LaTeX-specific features of LaTeXila are more well 

I don’t think there is any good reason for that, just that we 
cannot hide some plugins which are not applicable, so when using 
more plugins, the result is a mess.


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