Re: [gedit-list] Shell commend to open existing file in existing window

At 21:59 +0100 10/12/13, Hugh wrote:
Try this:

Open /usr/share/applications/gedit.desktop and make sure the Exec
property is equal to gedit --new-document %U

On 12/10/13 21:30, Doug McNutt wrote:
Something just changed!  Ubuntu 1304. -- recently updated with the
usual lack of information about what was changed.

How do use a command line to ask that a text file be opened in a new
pane in an already open instance of gedit?  I have been doing it for
years with a simple gedit command with a file path but suddenly gedit
insists on opening a new window.

--new-document creates a new document in an existing window but I
don't want a new document.  I want to open an existing document that

Thank You.  Repeat Thank You,  You have no idea how much it means to me and the change has apparently worked. 
I shall try to balance my bank accounts tomorrow AM. With luck I won't need to account for a terrabuck of 

I did have a few problems though that reminded me of experiences uning UNIX of the mid 1970's.. UNIX made 
sense those days while I was moving from FORTRAN and COMPASS on CDC to C and csh on DEC. FM/FM analog 
modulated data on 15 inch tapes from rocket telemetry was the task.

sudo seems not to be enough to access and change the file gedit.desktop. I was able to view the file with 
gedit but I could not correct it after an access using sudo gedit filepath. Gedit did show the error you 
report but there were two instances and it was not altogether clear which one required a change.

Quoting ...

[Desktop Action Window]
Name=Open a New Window
Exec=gedit --new-window

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Text Editor
Comment=Edit text files
Exec=gedit --new-document %U      ## as changed by me ##

End quote ...

But with "normal" editing using gedit I got this after making the change and attempting to save it:

** (gedit:4541): WARNING **: Couldn't connect to accessibility bus: Failed to connect to socket 
/tmp/dbus-TtyLl5KClY: Connection refused

Using cat and perl I was able to make the change and save it though the permissions for the file are likely 
no longer correct. Gedit just would not allow the changes to be saved.

Where can I learn the TRUTH abut these things? I am absolutely frustrated by Apple's refusal to allow 
anything other than what they have already done on their machines.  UNIX or Linux ought to be more like the 
FORTRAN of old for which I actually contributed changes. Where are the links to the specifications? Computer 
software should support new ideas and not just old things that we know already.

Sigh - tomorrow.  At age 78 I might make it.


--> From the U S of A, the only socialist country that refuses to admit it. <--

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