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find the editor here:
also gedit does provide the standard way for gnome applications
to override key bindings.


On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 7:13 PM, Justin Brown <justin brown fandingo org> wrote:

I've been using Gnome-Shell for a couple of years. Emacs is my editor of choice when using a terminal, but I frequently use gedit to write short code excerpts and as a general copy-paste staging area. 

The problem is that I have installed gnome-tweak-tool and set the "GTK+ Keybinding Theme" to Emacs. This works very well throughout the shell and in almost all GTK+ applications. Gedit is the notable exception. I can't get any Emacs key bindings to work.

There's also no keyboard shortcut editor, so I can't even override some default shortcuts if I wanted to.

I find it quite surprisingly that Gedit overrides GTK+'s keyboard shortcuts, but doesn't provide any configuration UI to change them.

Am I missing something here? Perhaps an extension or a hidden dconf setting? 


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