[gedit-list] Changing gedit open behaviour (tab/new win)

Hello to everyone . I want to propose changing the algorithm that determines whether the document opens in a tab or in a new window (or making it customizable) . The current one has a lot of thought put in it according to this post [1], but for me it's pretty dysfunctional . There's no intuitive way to understand the algorithm ,and in my experience it's not very good at predicting whether I need a new tab or window. My proposition for a solution : adopt the browser solution - uniform behaviour (by default - open all in tabs) and customizability (a simple 2 or 3 option list (third being the "smart" behaviour) ) .


[1] http://askubuntu.com/questions/75671/why-does-gedit-keep-randomly-opening-new-instances-when-opening-files-from-nauti

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