Re: [gedit-list] macro plugin for Gedit 3 in python

Thank you for the reply, and about the macro recording and saving for future
use, I'll investigate how to do it, but it seems a lot more complicate than
this single plugin. Specifically, I'm kind of lost on how to record, save
and re-generate the key-press events. Does anybody know, for instance, how
to create such key-press events from some of the attributes of the event
that can be saved in a file.
I'm thinking something like:

new_key_event = gi.repository.Gdk.Event(keyval = 97L)

would create the key-press event of the 'a' key.


El 23 de febrero de 2012 20:52, Nahuel Garbezza <n garbezza gmail com> escribió:
On 14 February 2012 20:18, Eduardo Romero <eguaio gmail com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I implemented a version of the macro-plugin in python that works with gedit
> 3. the plugin basicaly allows to record and playback a sequence of
> keystrokes.
> I would like to share this plugin with the comunity. The plugin can be
> downloaded from the following repository.
> Is this the correct way to share with the comunity? This is my first free
> soft contribution, so I wouldn't know.
> Thank you for your answer, regards,
> Eduardo Romero

Hi, nice plugin.

Keeping a list of macros instead of a single macro would be useful too.


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