[gedit-list] multilingual spellchecking

I have been using gedit for years, for preparing documents in the Hindi
language. The spell-checker is aspell, and it works very well except for
the following very significant problem: my documents contain significant
amounts of English in addition to the Hindi, and aspell will not
spell-check both languages at once. In addition, it underlines in red
all words that are not in the language being spell-checked, making
screening through a document for wrongly-spelled words very difficult.

The best solution for me would be a spell-checker which can spell-check
two languages at the same time. Is there another spell-checker that has
this capability, which I could utilize in gedit, in the place of aspell?
Or, is there a way to get aspell to spell-check two languages at once?

The next-best solution for me would be to get aspell to ignore any words
which are not in the language being spell-checked. At least that way
when I am looking for mis-spelled Hindi words, I will not have to sift
through hundreds of underscored English words.

Thank you!

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