[gedit-list] Reloading all open files

Is there a possibility to reload all open files at once?

When working using Clearcase, and check in (or check out) a bunch of
files (which also are open in Gedit), the ReadOnly status of the files
changes, and gedit asks me for each file to reload it, which is
cumbersome. It would be handy to have a function "revert all".

I found in the archives of this mailing list the message


according to which this feature should already be present (I'm using
gedit 2.30.1 on Windows 7), but I can't find any entry in the "File"
menu related to this function.

Ronald Fischer <ronaldf eml cc>
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+  and the bus is interrupted and the interrupt's not caught,
+  then the socket packet pocket has an error to report.
+		(cited after Peter van der Linden)

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