Re: [gedit-list] ctrl-f box - escape and enter keys

I've figured out that much, but I keep pressing the wrong thing anyway.
Old habits die hard, especially if they are sustained by other software.
And the ctrl-g to find the next occurrence wasn't obvious at all and I
wouldn't have guessed if I hadn't been using gedit for some time now.

But the general idea of a small, handy box was good.

On 11/07/11 21:33, Paolo Borelli wrote:
> Esc cancels the search and brings you back to the current position of
> the cursor, Enter confirms the search and moves you to the current match
> Il giorno lun, 11/07/2011 alle 20.59 +0200, lampak ha scritto:
>> Hi. Are you sure the way escape and enter work in gedit 3 the find
>> (ctrl-f) box is intuitive? Personally, they're driving me mad. I would
>> never guess that enter may cause the box to close and escape will scroll
>> to the other end of the file. In most apps I know (Firefox, for
>> example), enter searches for another occurrence of the phrase and escape
>> closes the box. Wouldn't it be a good idea to implement the standard
>> behaviour?
>> A feature of customising the hot keys would also (always) be nice.
>> I use gedit 3.0.5, in case something's changed in some newer version.
>> Regards,
>> lampak
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