Re: [gedit-list] Dynamic loading of plug-ins?

On 1/9/10 12:42 , Jesse van den Kieboom wrote:
> ricardo lafuente wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I was wondering if it is possible to call Gedit specifying which
>> plug-ins should be active.
> It's not possible to specify them on the command line, but you could
> change them in gconf where its stored which ones are activated. So, you
> could write a little script that takes as an argument which plugins to
> enable, and then use gconftool-2 to set the key
> '/apps/gedit-2/plugins/active-plugins' which holds the active plugins.
> Note that you just change the global settings with this, which also
> means that any running gedit will deactivate/activate the new setting
> and any new gedit processes will also use this setting.

Hi Jesse, thanks for the quick response!

This solution indeed carries the issue of affecting all instances of
Gedit... is there any way to activate/deactivate plugins from inside
Gedit, e.g. through a Python call in a plug-in? (wishful thinking... but
worth asking i guess.)

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