Re: [gedit-list] Re fresh on file modified

He's not actually editing the file, correct? Why not use tail -f?

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I had some good news today that my boss is very pleased with his first
in Linux with only the one gripe: gedit doesn't refresh an open file
it has been modified externally.

I've done a bit of investigation work and it seems that it does refresh:

If I create a file in gedit, save it, open a console and `echo
'something' >
myGeditFile` all works sweetly.

The case where it doesn't is when:

nohup java -jar longRunningApp.jar > longRunningAppOutput
gedit longRunningAppOutput

The output file grows quite large over the period of a few hours but the
only way of viewing the updates is to close the file in gedit and open
again. Has anyone had similar experiences? I'm running 2.30.3.

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