Re: [gedit-list] Re fresh on file modified

At 12:12 -0800 12/9/10, jshailes wrote:
>I had some good news today that my boss is very pleased with his first steps
>in Linux with only the one gripe: gedit doesn't refresh an open file after
>it has been modified externally.
>I've done a bit of investigation work and it seems that it does refresh:
>If I create a file in gedit, save it, open a console and `echo 'something' >
>myGeditFile` all works sweetly.
>The case where it doesn't is when:
>nohup java -jar longRunningApp.jar > longRunningAppOutput
>gedit longRunningAppOutput
>The output file grows quite large over the period of a few hours but the
>only way of viewing the updates is to close the file in gedit and open it
>again. Has anyone had similar experiences? I'm running 2.30.3.

My experience is that changed files generate a visible banner that comes up when you select the file from the currently opened files. You are asked if you want to reload the file.

If the change is made to a  currently open file with a "tool" from the external tools directory it's possible to replace content without being asked.


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