Re: [gedit-list] install gedit-plugins in windows vista environment


you made it well, but probably that plugin is not ported to work on windows as most of the third party plugins. So either you will have to port it or leave it :(
you can always run gedit in a terminal and check if you get any errors.


On Sat, Dec 4, 2010 at 12:24 PM, djien kwee <djienaijkwee gmail com> wrote:
Dear Sir, Madam,

Please inform me wether a step-by-step document is available, which describes how to install gedit-plugins in windows vista environment.
I install gedit and with this installation package there is a set of available for windows plugins. 
Pythonoutline-plugin is not exist in this package.

I try to install python-outline-plugin ( by copying the two files (pythonoutline.gedit-plugin and to dir C:\Program Files\gedit\lib\gedit-2\plugins. Gedit-pllugins lists this plugin (see attachment plugin2.jpg), but i cannot check this plugin. In this directory, .pyc file is also missing.

Please inform me the missing installation steps.

Thank you.

Kind regards
Djien Kwee

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