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On 10-04-10 14:15, spir ☣ wrote:
On Fri, 09 Apr 2010 21:19:38 +0200
Jesse van den Kieboom<jessevdk gnome org>  wrote:

On 09-04-10 21:13, Jesse van den Kieboom wrote:
On 09-04-10 20:07, DerekVeit wrote:
spir-3 wrote:
What is the "line rendering gutter"?

The left margin where the line numbers are displayed.
Actually I was completely wrong. We already have this functionality,
it was just broken by the new gutter API. We'll see if we can fix it
for the next stable release.
And it is fixed. What is supported is the following:

Double-click or:
Ctrl+Click: Select the line
Shift+Click: Extend selection until line
Click: Move cursor to line
Clicking in the gutter is not needed to "Move cursor to line", since clicking on the line itself already does the job -- indeed. Different user action should produce different result.
Imo, this choice is wrong and a waste of user-friendliness. Simple-click in the gutter should select the line (and yes, double-click or ctrl-click or shift-click or alt-click extend the selection: really nice (*) (**)).

Sorry for the critics while you're showing good will to (re)implement a feature I was asking for -- it's just my opinion as everyday user of gedit (and other editors).


(*) This feature, combined with duplication, is very practicle.
(**) Another possibility is to have "vertical" selection (block of lines) work like "horizontal" selection (range of characters), meaning by holding and releasing the 1st mouse button. See geany for an example.
Please file a bug report for this against gtksourceview ( I don't know if there was a previous discussion about this since I didn't implement the feature, and I'm also not a user of the feature. We can discuss further on bugzilla.

vit esse estrany ☣
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