Re: [gedit-list] Spell Checker and Latex

Leandro wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I am mathematician and I need almost daily type texts in latex .
> My favorite editor to do such task is Gedit with the Latex Plugin.
> The only problem I am facing is related to the spell check.
> In my system the Spell Checker Plugin use Aspell ( I think it is
> default) to spell check the text. I don't know but probably Aspell is
> also used by the plugin when we check the box Autocheck Spelling. This
> function is nice but the text get marked almost everywhere, because by
> default Aspell do not ignore the Latex commands and mathematical
> environments.
> Recently this capability it was added to aspell and it works using the
> parameter < -t >, so that if you type in the terminal, for instance :
> aspell --encoding=iso-8859-1 -lpt_BR -t check arquivo.tex
> you get the spelling check, ignoring the latex commands and most
> things concerning to mathematical enviroments.
> So I would like to know if there is any configuration file such that I
> could edit for the Spell Checker plugin pass in some way the above
> line for Aspell.
> I downloaded the Source code of Gedit and tryed to figure out where
> the plugin pass the parameters for Aspell, but I had no lucky in my
> search.
We don't use aspell directly, but use 'enchant' which is a kind of
frontend for multiple spell checker dictionaries. I doubt that we can
use this functionality of aspell like this. However, in the latest gedit
we have worked on improving the spell checker situation for languages,
and it does a much better job at spell checking latex documents too.
There is probably still some tweaks to do, but it will try to only spell
check real words now.
> Any hint in how to solve this problem is very appreciated.
> Thank you all,
> Leandro.
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