[gedit-list] Complains from a fan


I came into Linux world from using MSFT Visual Studio for years and
between the available editors gedit is by far the most usable one I know
for the simple source code editing.
I like most everything about the gedit except several pretty annoying
Since I see them as annoying to me only, I would think that others might
find them not that annoying. So I propose all of my suggested
improvements be configurable and off by default.

1) CRTL + -> does not stop at the end of the line and CTRL + <- does not
stop at the start of the line. This really driver me crazy... In many
other editors the end and start of the line properly respected by these
navigation keys. Can this be fixed or may be added as a plugin?
2) The CTRL+F if the focus is on the file list will try to find in the
file names. Though it is a valuable feature I think it would make sense
to be able to suppress it and have CTRL-F bring the search window for
the file currently open in the active panel.
3) Pressing the CTRL+F again while the search window is already
activated brings the window in focus and prompt into the search line.
This is great! But I would prefer the search line would be cleaned in
this case. In 80% cases you would do this because you found something
looked at it and decided to search for something else. For other 20%
cases you can just click DOWN and get last searched word and edit it.

I have gedit 2.16.0 version on RHEL 5.4.
If any of these things can already be configured please let me know.
I am definitely willing to test if any patch is provided but it might be
hard to do since I am on RHEL and there are some strict policies about

Thank you,
Dmitri Pal

Engineering Manager IPA project,
Red Hat Inc.

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