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Dear mailing list,

I have a question which was probably asked 100 times before. I'm sorry for that, but I'm new to the
list and I don't know the answer(s) jet.

Why is there no tool for configuring the syntax highlighting in gedit anymore? I remember old
versions, where I could set my highlighting the way I wanted to, without messing around with
configuration files.

This is a real disadvantage. E.g. in some of the few themes coming with the gedit package, there is
no LaTeX syntax highlighting. Every time I'm installing a new system, I have to look up how to
configure the gedit config files and this is really annoying. Probably, this is because of the (more
or less) useless gnome politics to remove all adjustment options from the normal user (like in the
gnome-screensaver which I also do not use anymore because of this reason).

I really like gedit (except the bug that copying with the middle mouse button click causes a jump to
the original text) and I would really like to avoid to have to switch to another editor like so many
of my colleagues already did.

Thanks for your answer!

Kind Regards,

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