[gedit-list] Ubuntu 9.10 or gedit 2.28.0 kills external tools

Ubuntu newly upgraded to 9.10, gedit 2.28.0

My tools don't work any more.

The first error showed up with a simple call to the curl tool to download a short text file from a local server with a dotted decimal IP address.  It works OK when run in a Terminal window.

I have been mucking with it using the Tools Management window. This is what it looks like now.  The Save-files line was apparently added for me.

# [Gedit Tool]
# Comment=Read finance snippet into selection
# Name=Finance Get
# Languages=
# Applicability=all
# Output=replace-selection
# Input=nothing
# Save-files=nothing
# curl -u Mars:Mars ftp://Saturn.suntide/Mimas/Transfer/USBpay.txt
/usr/bin/curl -u Mars:Mars

The error returned is:   "Could not execute command [Errno 8] Exec  format error"
There is a minute or so delay before gedit will accept commands. The stop option is not enabled. I can't copy the error for pasting.

Permissions on the tool are read and execute for group,  everything for user.

$HOME/.gnome2/gedit/tools/Finance_Get     ;#  works OK printing the file content to stdout.

I have disabled the external tools addin and re-enabled it after restarting gedit. Still no workee.

I just noticed that the Name line got changed so that an underline character was replaced with a space. I swear I didn't do it. Anyway I changed the file name to make it FinanceGet  in the file system and the Name: line and restarted gedit. The displayed tool name no longer contained a space but the error persists.

I also don't know what the Languages= line means. I don't think I care but I can't seem to change it.

It there anything about the colon in the -u option that might be confusing the way gedit performs an execve?

I need a work around badly.


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