[gedit-list] show signal problem

Hi all!!!

	I have a problem with "show" signal. I have a window and I need
to change its size and position before showing it. Currently if
I do:

1.- set the label text
2.- set the window size (based on label text)
3.- move the window
4.- show the window

All works fine but if I have problems by doing:

1.- Connect to "show" signal
2.- set the label text
3.- gtk_widget_show (window);
When "show" signal is emited:
	- set the window size (based on the label text previously
	- move the window

The problems are:
	1.- The window size is not properly calculated
	2.- I get a "flicker" because the window is show at (0,0) and
then moved to the correct position.

The "show" signal is emited after the real show mechanism and
"configure" and "map" events don't work...

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot!!!!

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