Re: [gedit-list] Metapost with Gedit

On 2009-02-09, 08:26 GMT, Paolo Borelli wrote:
> 	to be honest I have no idea about what metapost is :)

A very cool tool from the TeX world (based on MetaFONT by Don 
Knuth) -- basically author writes a source code which is then 
compiled into Postscript images.

It allows to build libraries of subroutines for drawing stuff 
(and many of them exists), it allows doing really quality 
drawings. If you want to make EXACT drawings without spending 
enormous amounts of money on AutoCAD, Metapost is second to none.  

For example, given the scripting nature of the MetaPOST that 
supply just doesn't look like cross the demand curve in some 
point -- it actually exactly meets it there, because it IS demand 
curve measured by some function.

Great idea!


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