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Perriman wrote:
Hi all,

	In gedit-godc-plugin I want to get the current folder or the file list
shown in the file browser plugin. I cannot find how can I do it with the
new GeditMessageBus. Can you help me? I understand the callback by I
don't know how can I ask to the filebrowser what is the current folder
or the current file list.
Because GeditMessageBus is so new, and because there haven't been many applications for it yet, the supported messages, for for instance the filebrowser plugin, are not yet documented. This is unfortunate, I plan to add them to the docs soon.

You can have a look at plugins/filebrowser/gedit-file-browser-messages.c to see which messages the filebrowser registers. The one you are looking for is: 'get_root' on object '/plugins/filebrowser'. It will be available on the window bus (e.g. gedit_window_get_message_bus(window). The 'get_root' message will set the current uri of the filebrowser root in the "uri" argument. (Mind that you have to call this message _sync, otherwise you will not be able to retrieve the result).

If you notice anything not working please let me know, the framework was not heavily tested and there might still be some minor bugs.
Thanks all!!

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