[gedit-list] gedit and all dependancies for solaris 9 on a read-only nfs partition

Ih all, 

I'm trying to build gedit-2.26.0 : 

- on a solaris 9 sparc Sun-Fire-V890 
- all the installations files need to be executed from a read-only NFS shared directory /nfs/Produits/.../glib/version 
- the prefix of all installations is /nfs/Produits/.../glib/version/ 
- so the config files are in /nfs/Produits/.../glib/version/etc 
- so the var files are in /nfs/Produits/.../glib/version/var 

My questions are: 
> Is it possible to have Gconf, ORbit, dbus, scrollkeeper configuration files out of /etc ( I need to have them here: /nfs/Produits/.../glib/version/etc/ ) 
> Can I build gedit without ORbit, Gconf, dbus, dbus-glib, scrollkeeper, sgml-common, docbook, gnome-vfs, bonobo ? 

> /nfs/Produits/.../glib/version/etc and /nfs/Produits/.../glib/version/var could be a problem for a good working of GConf , dbus, etc... ? 

Actually I have build ALL these dependancies from sources and install in a /nfs/Produits/.../glib/version/ : 

# pkg-config --list-all 
gmodule-no-export-2.0 GModule - Dynamic module loader for GLib 
pango                 Pango - Internationalized text handling 
render                Render - Render extension headers 
libpcre               libpcre - PCRE - Perl compatible regular expressions C library 
cairo                 cairo - Multi-platform 2D graphics library 
renderproto           RenderProto - Render extension headers 
xrender               Xrender - X Render Library 
dbus-glib-1           dbus-glib - GLib integration for the free desktop message bus 
cairo-ft              cairo-ft - FreeType font backend for cairo graphics library 
libpng                libpng - Loads and saves PNG files 
glib-2.0              GLib - C Utility Library 
cairo-png             cairo-png - PNG functions for cairo graphics library 
libpng12              libpng - Loads and saves PNG files 
gmodule-export-2.0    GModule - Dynamic module loader for GLib 
gdk-pixbuf-xlib-2.0   GdkPixbuf Xlib - GdkPixbuf rendering for Xlib 
libxslt               libxslt - XSLT library version 2. 
dbus-1                dbus - Free desktop message bus 
gtk+-unix-print-2.0   GTK+ - GTK+ Unix print support 
gobject-2.0           GObject - GLib Type, Object, Parameter and Signal Library 
pangocairo            Pango Cairo - Cairo rendering support for Pango 
libexslt              libexslt - EXSLT Extension library 
gmodule-2.0           GModule - Dynamic module loader for GLib 
libgsf-1              libgsf-1 - A library for reading and writing structured files (eg MS OLE and Zip) 
gnome-doc-utils       gnome-doc-utils - GNOME Documentation Utilities 
atk                   Atk - Accessibility Toolkit 
ORBit-CosNaming-2.0   ORBit-CosNaming-2.0 - High-performance CORBA Object Request Broker - Naming Service. 
cairo-ps              cairo-ps - PostScript surface backend for cairo graphics library 
xml2po                xml2po - Tool for translating XML documents 
libcroco-0.6          libcroco - a CSS2 Parsing and manipulation Library in C. 
libIDL-2.0            libIDL - IDL parsing library 
libxml-2.0            libXML - libXML library version2. 
ORBit-2.0             ORBit-2.0 - High-performance CORBA Object Request Broker. 
gconf-2.0             gconf - GNOME Config System. 
gdk-x11-2.0           GDK - GTK+ Drawing Kit (x11 target) 
cairo-xlib            cairo-xlib - Xlib surface backend for cairo graphics library 
ORBit-idl-2.0         ORBit-idl-2.0 - ORBit-2.0 IDL Compiler Backend Interface 
ORBit-imodule-2.0     ORBit-imodule-2.0 - ORBit runtime typelib generation service. 
icon-naming-utils     icon-naming-utils - Utilities for mapping legacy GNOME and KDE icon names to the new Icon Naming Specification 
pangoft2              Pango FT2 and Pango Fc - Freetype 2.0 and fontconfig font support for Pango 
gio-unix-2.0          GIO unix specific APIs - unix specific headers for glib I/O library 
gthread-2.0           GThread - Thread support for GLib 
fontconfig            Fontconfig - Font configuration and customization library 
gdk-2.0               GDK - GTK+ Drawing Kit (x11 target) 
libpcrecpp            libpcrecpp - PCRECPP - C++ wrapper for PCRE 
freetype2             FreeType 2 - A free, high-quality, and portable font engine. 
pangox                Pango X - X Window System font support for Pango 
gtksourceview-2.0     gtksourceview - GTK+ 2.0 Source Editing Widget 
gtk+-x11-2.0          GTK+ - GTK+ Graphical UI Library (x11 target) 
gtk+-2.0              GTK+ - GTK+ Graphical UI Library (x11 target) 
pixman-1              Pixman - The pixman library (version 1) 
cairo-pdf             cairo-pdf - PDF surface backend for cairo graphics library 
gdk-pixbuf-2.0        GdkPixbuf - Image loading and scaling 
gio-2.0               GIO - glib I/O library 
cairo-svg             cairo-svg - SVG surface backend for cairo graphics library 
cairo-xlib-xrender    cairo-xlib-xrender - Xlib Xrender surface backend for cairo graphics library 
gnome-icon-theme      gnome-icon-theme - A collection of icons used as the basis for GNOME themes 
gail                  Gail - GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library 

I think that GConf ORbit, dbus, scrollkeeper dont work fine from the custom nfs directory 

EGG_SMCLIENT_CFLAGS="-I/usr/openwin/include" EGG_SMCLIENT_LIBS="-L/usr/openwin/lib -lSM -lICE" ../configure --prefix=/nfs/Produits/tmp/nicolas/test/gedit/build --disable-schemas-install --disable-spell --disable-static	 

I can build gedit and start it but I 've problems with GConf, dbus, scrollkeeper or sgml-common ? 

(gedit:9493): Gtk-WARNING **: Could not find the icon 'system-file-manager'. The 'hicolor' theme 
was not found either, perhaps you need to install it. 
You can get a copy from: 

** (gedit:9493): WARNING **: Could not load theme icon system-file-manager: Icon 'system-file-manager' not present in theme 

** (gedit:9493): WARNING **: Default style scheme 'classic' cannot be found, falling back to 'classic' style scheme 

** (gedit:9493): WARNING **: Style scheme 'classic' cannot be found, check your GtkSourceView installation. 

(gedit:19623): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to find default local directory monitor type 
(gedit:19623): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to find default local directory monitor type 

system-file-manager are in /nfs/Produits/.../glib/version/share/icons/gnome/<*>/apps/system-file-manager. * 

styles are in : 

thanks for your help 

	Nicolas Vergnes
	Produits & Logiciels

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