[gedit-list] Offtopic: Help with debian package!!

Hi all,

	This is the second time I try to build a debian package for
GtkSourceCompletion. I could not do it...

	It is very difficult (for me). I have created all control,
rules etc files and it generates the .deb and -dev.deb packages but
they are empties. 

	I have take a look at the debian files for gtksourcecompletion
an are very different of my files...

	I want ask for your help. Perhaps some good manual (debian
mantainers manual can not help me because it don't explain how to
build a package for a library with .deb -dev.deb and -doc.deb), a
list where I can ask for help, better examples, or someone can generate
the packages and send me the files...

	I'm desperated because I cannot generate the package and I don't
understand why it doesn't work fine...

Thanks all!!!!!

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