[gedit-list] ANNOUNCE: gedit-plugins 2.20.0

Hi all,

gedit-plugins 2.18.0 is available.

gedit-plugins is a set of (hopefuly useful) plugins for the GNOME text
editor, gedit 2.20

The package includes:
 - Bracket Completion:
   Automatically add closing brackets.
 - Smart Spaces:
   Forget you're not using tabulations (soft tabs support).
 - Code Comment:
   Comment and uncomment blocks of code.
 - Draw Spaces:
   Draw spaces and tabs in your source files.
 - Terminal:
   Embed a terminal in the bottom pane.
 - Join/Split Lines:
   Join several lines or split long ones to a fixed width.
 - Session Saver:
   Save and restore your working sessions.
 - Show/Hide Tab Bar:
   Add a menu entry to show/hide the tabbar.
 - Character Map:
   Insert special characters just by clicking on them.
 - Colour Picker:
   Pick a color from a dialog and insert its hex code.

Homepage: http://live.gnome.org/GeditPlugins

* Changes since 2.18.0

New features and fixes:
- port to GtkSourceView2 API so that plugins work with gedit 2.20 (Steve Fr�naux)
- draw non-blocking spaces in drawspaces plugin (Bob Mauchin)
- require gedit 2.20 (J�lleter)
- improve joinlines plugin (Andr�omeyer)

New and updated translations:
- ar (Djihed Afifi)
- ca (Gil Forcada)
- dz (Pema Geyleg)
- es (Jorge Gonzalez)
- fi (Ilkka Tuohela)
- fr (St�ane Raimbault)
- hu (Gabor Kelemen)
- it (Alessio Frusciante)
- ja (Takeshi Aihana)
- nl (Wouter Bolsterlee)
- oc (Christophe Merlet)
- pt_BR (Jonh Wendell)
- sv (Daniel Nylander)
- vi (Clytie Siddall)

* Download

md5sum: ec5be3d10ca4da4b33effad207ef35e9

md5sum: a93dbd184733434f6c7ce7f1ef3df53e

* Development

gedit-plugins is not very active atm but it is just waiting for you to
propose new great plugins or enhance the current ones ;-)
So don't hesitate to have a talk with the gedit team on #gedit on
irc.gnome.org if you want to give gedit-plugins some of the love it
needs :-)

Hope you'll enjoy it!


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