Re: [gedit-list] Tab to space expansion

M. Arshad Khan wrote:
Paolo Borelli wrote:
Il giorno lun, 17/09/2007 alle 10.03 +0800, M. Arshad Khan ha scritto:
I recently upgraded my system from FC5 to FC6. The gedit version bundled 
with FC6 is 2.15.9. One problem I noticed is that even though I have set 
the editor preference to insert spaces instead of tabs, the text still 
contains tabs.  There doesn't seem to be any way to get rid of tabs 
except to insert spaces manually. I compiled and tested the latest 
stable release (2.18.2) but the problem persists. Any help to solve this 
issue is very much appreciated.
Now I have to figure out what is it in my environment that is causing
this issue.

This was a bug in the gtksourceview version shipped with FC6... the bug
was fixed just a few days later but unfortunately FC6 decided to ship
with very early versions of gnome (e.g. gedit 2.15.9, which was supposed
to be a developement release) and has bugs here and there.
To fix the problem you need to upgrade the version of gtksourceview
manually... or maybe switch to FC7 :)


Thanks for the tip. I'll do an upgrade of gtksourceview. FC7...may be later :)
Version 1.8.1 of gtksourceview resolves this problem. FC6 originally contained 1.8.0.

Many thanks to all for their help.


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