[gedit-list] GtkSourceView Popup

Hi all!!

I'm thinking in develop an autocompletion popup for GtkSourceView
(Perhaps GtkTextView). The idea is develop a popup that you can get it
various "loader" from externals application that provide it the
autocompletion items. There are two autocompletion types:

1.- Automatic: Show automaitic autocompletion when the user writes three
letters. This is util for C symbols, python function names etc.

2.- Manual autocompletion: The user press control+Return and we show the
popup. This is util for snippets etc.

There are two autocompletion ways:

1.- Get autocompletion items when we show the popup and the listeners or
loaders filter its content before show the popup.

2.- Get autocompletion all items when the loader is asigned to the
GtkSourceViewPopup, save the items in memory and the popup filter the
items when popup is shown.

What do you think about??

I'm trying to analize this GtkSourceView assistant to make it usable for
all applications and make easy to add new "loaders" to this.


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