Re: [gedit-list] vigedit-12 released

On mer, 2007-01-17 at 11:45 +0100, chuchi wrote:
> Perhas, we may think in create an unique repository for all gedit
> plugins. Is it very difficult? Perhaps a folder in gnome subversion
> like this:
> gedit-plugins
>     - vigedit
>     - autocomplete
>     - etc.
> What do you think about? 

There is already a gnome-plugins module in gnome svn which includes some
general use plugins. Some plugins definately belong there.

However I don't think we should try to put everything there: plugins are
by definition something eterogeneus: centralizing developement is not
going to work since:
 - it would require giving access to svn to a lot of people which may be
painful for sysadmins
 - it would require a lot of coordination among many people to make
releases etc
 - it would put a big workload on the maintainer shoulders since they
would be the bottleneck of all the plugins developers
 - it would force all plugin developers to use svn

So I think that every plugin developer is free to host his plugin where
he prefers. If he thinks that it makes sense, he may propose his plugin
for inclusion in gedit-plugins. If he wants to he can also apply for an
account on gnome svn and host the plugin there (for instance I would
love to see this happen for "big" plugins like the gedit-latex-plugin)


> Regards,
>     Chuchi 
> El mié, 17-01-2007 a las 09:43 +0100, Trond Danielsen escribió: 
> > Hi everybody!
> > 
> > Just wanted to tell you that vigedit - the plugin that attempts to
> > make gedit behave like vi(m) - just got a little better. Count
> > operators on commands are now supported, which means that you can type
> > "4x" instead of "xxxx" to delete for characters. Other bugfixes and
> > some major restructuring of the code has also gone into this release.
> > 
> > You can get vigedit from here:
> > 
> > Cheers!
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