[gedit-list] new from template plugin

Hi Everyone,

I'm very quickly moving all my development into gedit, it's perfect
for development and has the potential to be as much of an IDE as you
want it to be - kudos to all the devs and contributors!

I came across a plugin request for a new file based on a template
plugin and as that is something i really wanted i decided to have a go
at it.

you can grab the files from here:

the TODO list and README are very basic at this stage (as is the
plugin) but i'm hoping to get a bit of feedback about it. There is a
brief tutorial in the README and an example template
(cpp_template_file) available at the url

For now it pretty much does what i want, however while i'm on a roll
you could hit me with feature & bug requests and we'll see what
happens ;)


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