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Acctually 'Dapper Drake' is the Long term support version. And by support they mean security and bug fixes. It's very unlikely they'll change thing to newer versions as this might brake another applications some time, and they don't think it's that important for a LTS. If you need the most early versions with feature improvements you should get Edgy Eft that was released a couple of weeks ago

On 11/6/06, Peter Anderson <peter anderson internode on net> wrote:
Paolo Borelli wrote:
Il giorno lun, 06/11/2006 alle 10.43 +1100, Peter Anderson ha scritto:
Hi! This may seem like a silly question but are there any Ubuntu 
repositories where I can get automatic updates for the latest releases 
of Gedit.

The only 'official' Ubuntu repository 
( has Gedit 2.12 (or 
2.14 at a Debian repository) which is a long way behind the latest release.

that's because you are using the unbuntu "breezy" release. If you
upgrade to a newer version of ubuntu, it will ship the latest software.
For instance the freshly released ubuntu "edgy", it ships gnome 2.16 and
thus gedit 2.16.

Note however that it's not a good idea to try to install newer packages
on a older distro release, since also all the its dependencies need to
be upgraded.

Thanks for the prompt reply.  This seems like an odd response for a Linux software product.  In my relatively short experience many software packages (including the Linux kernel (or parts of it)) are updated regularly without the need for a complete system update.  These packages come as a *.deb file that actually include all the relevant dependent software.  It ought not be too difficult to have a G-edit deb release.

I'm not sure if you realise but Ubuntu "Breezy" is a long-term support release and is designed to be supported and improved over a number of years.  Does that mean that if I choose to stick with "Breezy" then I will never get an up-grade to G-edit?  That seems like an odd policy from the developers of G-edit.  I hope this is not going to be the case.


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