Re: tab behaviour, was [gedit-list] gedit 2.15.2 released

Or perhaps the solution is to start expanding Alt-tab to cycling tabs
in all MDI interfaces as well as windows....

-Kevin Kubasik

On 5/18/06, John Pye <john pye student unsw edu au> wrote:
You know, most 'regular users' tend to read their emails in an MDI:
using that 'preview pane' thing. I don't think it's as foreign and scary
as you're making out. I take your point, anyway. Document-centric rather
than application-centric is going to be better for casual users. But it
looks like you're going to have to implement it yourself eh ;-)


Dimi Paun wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 14:09 +1000, John Pye wrote:
>> How exactly do you feel you are letting down users 'c'?
> Well, that's simple: by forcing MDI on them when they don't need it.
> And this is not a victimless choice. Here is a _very_ common workflow
> that I encounter in my daily routine (be it that I am in "development",
> "sysadmin", or "simple user" mode)":
>   [Let's assume I'm trying to configure service foo]
>   0. I open up /etc/foo.conf in vim in a terminal
>   1. I realize I'm missing some info, I search for README file in
>      Nautilus, then click on it. It opens in gedit. Great!
>      Notice that the title of the window starts with "README".
>   2. I Alt-TAB back to the console
>   3. I do some work, then Alt-TAB back to the README file,
>      whose title is correctly displayed at the bottom of the
>      Alt-TAB switch window.
>   4. I Alt-TAB back to the console
>   5. Then I realize I need the "TODO" file. Fine, I click on
>      in and it opens in gedit. Now the window title in gedit
>      becomes "TODO..."
>   6. I Alt-TAB back to the console
>   7. I realize I need to look again at the README file.
>      I Alt-TAB through the windows, looking for README...
>      Fsck, I *swear* I had it opened... Maybe I've missed it.
>      Go through all the windows again...No...It's somewhere
>      here, damn it! Ah, STUPID ME!!! I should actually Alt-TAB
>      to the TODO file, and _then_ go to the README file.
>      <blush>How can an experienced person like me make such
>      a childish mistake, and not figure out this logical step?!?</blush>
> Give me a break. As long as you operate 90% of your time in the
> MDI env (like in Eclipse for example), everything is fine. But when you
> start mixing different apps, MDI gets in your way _big_ time.
> Regular users have no business operation 90% of their time in
> gedit. If they did, by definition they would not be regular users!

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