Re: [gedit-list] Filebrowser Pane Plugin - in development

David Jonas wrote:
Hi everyone,

Hi David!

First, thanks for the quality product. The new mdi is working out just
fine for me. I have been using it for quite awhile.

I'm working on a filebrowser pane plugin for gedit. This is my first
real Gtk project and my first real gnome contribution. I'm pretty far
along on it, and I thought I would let the list know. Just so you know
I'm serious, here's a screenshot:

This is awesome!

This is definately one of the usecases we planned for the sidepane and I am really happy to see work done in this direction.

Let me also note that Marcus Leyman (who I CC'ed) some time ago was working on something similar, though he seems to have disappeared lately.

My basic idea is to build a filebrowser pane widget then just connect
that widget to gedit with the plugin api. This way I can do my
development in a simple test app and drop it into the gedit framework
later. At one point I had it going in gedit with the plugin patch
provided with ctags, but I haven't touched that in awhile.

I'm currently formatting the code for public consumption, it should be
ready soon. I'd like some good feedback, as critical as possible since I
want to learn to do this right from the beginning. Any pointers now
would be appreciated.
Developing a test widget seems like a great idea.
With regard to the code, I'll be happy to take a look at the source a provide comments and suggestions. Btw, did you chose C or python for the plugin? One thing that I can say from the start is that the plugin should use the async gnome-vfs api, in order to not block the UI while fectching remote dirs.

I do have a lot of questions too that I'm not sure where to have
answered. For example, I'm looking into integrating the "Places" menu
item just like it is in Nautilus, with the bookmarks, but I don't even
know where to begin. Getting the icons for the mimetypes gave me
headache, I ended up using the Galeon code as an example to work from.
I'm still not 100% sure I'm doing it right.
For any questions the best way to get an answer is asking them ;)

Feel free to drop by in #gedit on, we'll be happy to answer any question.

Also, I'd be more than happy to write documentation on the plugin API
and a tutorial if someone else can provide me with the info (and correct
me when I'm wrong). Unfortunately, I don't know anything about python,
so I won't be much help there (although I should probably learn).

Yes, I planned to do some docs myself... if only there were 30 hours a day :) Maybe we should just start a wiki page so that everyone can write some bits and pieces.


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