Re: [gedit-list] help for modelines plugin?

We support a limited subset of the vim and emacs modelines.

We also support a subset of the kate modelines

May be you could try to write a simple wiki page to document the
supported modelines. If you know python, it will be easy for you reading
the python plugin code to gather the needed information:


On Thu, 2006-06-22 at 13:38 +1000, John Pye wrote:
> Hi all
> Where can I get the documentation for the Modelines plugin? I have 
> checked Yelp and the GNOME wiki but didn't find anything. I'd like to 
> know what modlines are supported, and what the syntax is (without the 
> assumption that I know the formats for modelines in vim, emacs, kate).
> Can I used modelines to specify syntax style, eg for a 'SConstruct' file 
> to be formatted as python?
> Cheers
> JP

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