Re: [gedit-list] Syntax Coloring

Jeremy Swinborne wrote:
I am interested in adding to the functionality of the syntax coloring
capabilities for PHP.  I have yet to find a program in the linux world that
is as flexible as Macromedia Homesite.  I am interested in helping the php
syntax coloring identify and color all offical PHP functions and I am
interested in helping gedit to highlight HTML in php files properly.  It
drives me nuts that I may have a piece of code like follows:

<? $foo = 'fish sticks'; ?>
	<? echo $foo; ?>

and the only coloring that occurs is in the <?  ?>.  Why should scripting
languages like PHP and the like handle coloring HTML in a php file?

So my question to you is, how can I get started in helping with this?  Most
of my background is in OO PHP for the past 5 years.  But I have worked in C
and C++ in the past.  Where would you suggest I start?  Should I look into
writing this as a plugin?

Syntax highlighting is implemented in gtksourceview (a library which gedit uses). Currently gtksourceview doesn't properly handle two kind of syntax in the same file like php-in-html etc, but there is work being done to address that.



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