[gedit-list] gedit 2.10.0 released!

gedit 2.10.0

After six months of developement the first release of the new stable
series has been released.

gedit 2.10.0 features many improvements over the 2.8 series, among
- current line highlighting
- bracket matching
- "Save a Copy" plugin (with remote locations support)
- Reduced startup time
- Improved spell checker plugin
- Improved undo/redo (undoing all the changes doesn't prompt for saving
the file)
- Smart HOME/END cursor movement
- Syntax Highlighting for more languages (through GtkSourceView)
- Improved fonts when printing
- A ton of bugfixes
- Improved translations thanks to the wonderful job of GNOME translators

This version requires gtk+-2.6.x (x >= 3 recommended) and

gedit is the official text editor for the GNOME environment.
Among others, it features full UTF-8 support, syntax highlighting and a
powerful plugin system.

homepage: http://www.gedit.org/

download: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/gedit/2.10/


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