[gedit-list] feature suggestion: check for file modification

I would like to suggest that gedit checks for modification "behind its back" of files on disk it has open for editing (I use 'open' in a loose sense). I sometimes leave open gedit instances with files open, and meanwhile edit the same files using other editors or from other computers. There is then a grave risk of going back to the original gedit and inadvertantly continuing to work on the old version, ultimately overwriting all the intermediate changes made.

If you make a change to a file which has changed on disk since gedit loaded it or last saved it, I'd like gedit to pop up a message asking whether to reload from disk or continue editing the currently loaded version. Emacs has a similar warning in this situation. Ideally gedit should give a stronger warning when the file in question has accumulated unsaved changes in gedit as well, since then at least one set of changes must get thrown away. If the file has not been changed in gedit since last save, then 'Reload' should be recommended.

(I think that notifying the user of the situation when they try to edit the file in question would be better than popping up a message as soon as a file change is detected. The latter could get messy when you have lots of files open several of which change on disk).


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