Re: [gedit-list] gedit shell script plugin

Ciao Paolo,

Paolo Borelli escreveu:
> The plugin sounds really interesting! My suggestion is to attach it to
> bugzilla for easier review and discussion. You can also create a page
> for the plugin one the wiki,

Thanks for the pointers, I've opened the bug:

It needs some serious review. Only after your approval I'll be adding it
to the wiki.

I seem to be hitting on a GnomeVFS/Nautilus bug of some sort, or maybe
some breakage in my unstable Ubuntu Breezy... Here is the thing: the
menu updates normally, but only when the scripts folder isn't being
viewed on Nautilus. For example, when you open a terminal and create the
script file there, the menu updates itself normally.

> About adding it to the gedit package, I'm not sure: our current policy
> is to not grow indefinately the collection of plugins inside the gedit
> package, since it increases the maintainance burden for us which is a
> problem given our limited time/manpower. However your plugin may replace
> the current shell command plugin which isn't very functional. We'll
> see...

Actually they cover slightly different use cases, so I think they
complement each other.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it, it's being a great time hacking on
gedit :)

Rafael Jannone

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