Re: [gedit-list] gedit shell script plugin

Il giorno mer, 17/08/2005 alle 21.59 -0300, Rafael Jannone ha scritto:
> Hi,
> Let me first apologize to Paolo, it was a n00b mistake to send you an
> email directly instead of sending it to the mailing list. Sorry!

Hi Rafael, 

I suppose you mean Paolo Maggi: if you didn't get a response it's
because he's currently on vacation. Private mail is not a problem,
though the mailing list is definately a better place for this.

> Recently I've been writing a gedit plugin, one which allows for gedit to
> have a dedicated scripts folder, just like Nautilus. The contents of
> this folder is then monitored via GnomeVFS and updated in real time onto
> the "Tools" menu in gedit.
> Of course it's not 100% developed, I'm sure it has some bugs, but I'm
> willing to keep coding it and improving it.  I'd just like to know
> wether this would be a good addition to the current set of gedit plugins.
> Should I file a bug and attach the code to it?

The plugin sounds really interesting! My suggestion is to attach it to
bugzilla for easier review and discussion. You can also create a page
for the plugin one the wiki,

About adding it to the gedit package, I'm not sure: our current policy
is to not grow indefinately the collection of plugins inside the gedit
package, since it increases the maintainance burden for us which is a
problem given our limited time/manpower. However your plugin may replace
the current shell command plugin which isn't very functional. We'll

In general it's our intention to put more emphasis on external plugins
in the future especially as soon as the new plugin system is finalized.
This means linking them on, making them easier to install
or even revive the gedit-plugins package in cvs if someone has the time
and dedication to maintain it.



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