Re: [gedit-list] Just a few questions

On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 19:01, Des Traynor wrote:
> Hey there everyone.

Hi Des,

>  	I have just moved to Gnome, and now use GEdit for all my html editing
> and latex document work etc.  I was just wondering if someone could tell
> me the following.
> 	1) I use GEdit 2.4.0, (according to Fedora 1 core, its the most
> recent),  Is there a newer version?

There is a Gedit 2.4.1 tarball on, but I don't think there
are official Fedora rpm.

There is also the 2.5.* series but that it's a *developement* branch
which will ship with gnome 2.6. In my experience it's pretty stable, but
note that it needs very new (and somewhat unstable) libraries as

> 	2) There are 3 very small features I was hoping could be added.	


>               I am aware that many of these may have been asked, but I
> couldn't find much evidence, so I figured I would write. 

I can't say much about these feature requests since I don't use the
Shell plugin much, however the best place for this kind of requests (and
to check if they already have been requested) is

> 		Thanks for your time, and a great text editor.
> 		des


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