[gedit-list] Just a few questions

Hey there everyone.

 	I have just moved to Gnome, and now use GEdit for all my html editing
and latex document work etc.  I was just wondering if someone could tell
me the following.

	1) I use GEdit 2.4.0, (according to Fedora 1 core, its the most
recent),  Is there a newer version?

	2) There are 3 very small features I was hoping could be added.	
		i) In the SHELL plugin, is there a possibility to add some more
special special characters beside %f and %n , specifically one that
provides the full path to the file, but omits the extension. This would
help it as a programming editor. 
(i.e.  filename.java is executed as filename.class
       document.tex is viewed as document .dvi    )
At present I use a script to removed the extension, but I just think it
would be nice. 

               ii) The SHELL plugin remembers the last commands you
executed it would be nice if we could associate keyboard shortcuts for
them. i.e. pressing F12 would call "javac %n" etc. What would be even
cooler is if, it would remember what commands we associate with what
files. i.e F12 runs javac on a .java file , but gcc on a .c file.

		iii) Is it possible to change the directory that the commands are
executed from to be always the same directory as the file?

              I am aware that many of these may have been asked, but I
couldn't find much evidence, so I figured I would write. 
		Thanks for your time, and a great text editor.

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