[gedit-list] Re: gedit work - 'port sort plugin' assigned

Hi Lee,

gchar *gedit_document_get_buffer()

to retrieve the text? Should I be calling functions on GeditDocument-

buffer directly or will the gedit_document_get_buffer() function
actually return UTF8 encoded text?

gedit_document_get_buffer() returns UTF-8 encoded text.

I ask for a couple of reasons - I'm not too up on unicode issues,
(especially its handling in gtk/glib). And also I have the sort plugin working against the latest gedit for my own locale, (british english). However, I'm not sure if it works just because of my locale and it would break with other locales. It's just using the original sorting algorithm for now, so I assume that is the case?

Yep, I think it works only in your locale and probably it will breal in other ones.


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