[gedit-list] Re: gedit work - 'port sort plugin' assigned


> > Try to give a look at the UltraEdit (www.ultraedit.com) sort function.
> > I think we should try to replicate it.
> I'm on unix only (at work) - I'll see if I can check that out tonight.


> > It core dumps for me when I have more then one active plugin.
> > I have fixed it removing the following lines from the init function:
> > 
> >     pd->destroy = destroy;
> >     pd->activate = activate;
> >     pd->deactivate = deactivate;  
> Ah, okay - I thought that was how I indicated to the plugin system which
> functions should be used. Are there any overview-style docs for the
> plugin system API?

You should not tell the plugin system which functions should be used.
The plugin manager is able to get them using the gmodule API.
Look at the sample plugin for an example.

> > I'm waiting for a new version of this patch.
> Okay, I'll try and update the patch tonight and hopefully fix the
> crashes too.
> Btw, I also glanced at the time plugin TODO - I thought a big
> improvement would be moving the formats out of the 'configure' dialog
> and onto a submenu of the Edit menu. 

hmm.. I'm not sure this is a good idea.
I was thinking about let the user modify the list of available formats.

> Is this possible in the current
> plugin architecture? I'm not very expert on bonobo/component merging
> stuff, but after plenty of digging in the source and headers it didn't
> seem possible?

Yep, it is possible.


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