Re: [gedit-list] Regular Expressions]

>On Sat, 24 Aug 2002 15:20:33 +0200 Paolo Maggi ><maggi athena polito it>
>Hi Jason,
>>Thanks.  I will try to get gnome2 going so >>that I can work on this. 
>>Does anyone know if recent versions of glibc >>regex are UTF-8 compliant? 
>I don't think, but I'm not sure.
>>If not, can someone suggest a library?
>I'm searching for it too.
>I think you should be able to find some code in >mono.

The news page for glibc 2.2.2 ( says
"regex now handles multibyte character sets correctly. Contributed by Isamu
Hasegawa <isamu yamato ibm com>.".  I don't know enough about character
encodings to know whether I should interpret that to mean that it supports
UTF-8 though.  Does anyone know?


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