Re: [gedit-list] Re: gedit, new text widget & branch

Chema Celorio <chema celorio com> writes:
> Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > Are you sure I said that? ;-) I don't remember what I was thinking.
> Wait ! I remember now.
> You wanted to get the Gtk Text widget well tested before
> GNOME moved to the new GTk (and this seemed like a good idea
> to me). So if we just depend on the new gtk, it does not acomplish
> this, cause nobody is going to be able to use it unless
> they migrate to the new gtk relese.
> Does this make sense now ?

Sort of, except that there's no way to backport to GTK 1.2 since you
need Pango...  I think I was on crack. ;-)

GTK 1.3.x and GTK 1.2 coexist happily on the same box, so people
should be able to install both.


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