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Hi Axel,

On Wed, 25 Sep, 2019 at 09:21, Axel U <ulrich axel gmail com> wrote:
I have been running Geary via flatpak for a while now. I just ran flatpak update, and as expected it updated the runtime, Gnome, etc. including moving Geary up to 3.34.0. I am running a fundamentally dark theme on my desktop, and Geary obeyed that so far. But with the upgrade, it went to a light grey/white theme that doesn't match anything else on my desktop. Not sure where it gets that information from to use said colors, because before it simply followed the rest of the desktop scheme. I am only running Geary via flatpak, so I could not tell if this also suddenly applies to other apps run via flatpak. Why is that and how to get it to obey the color scheme again like it did before? Running on Fedora F30.

Thanks for raising this.

Typically, Flatpak apps only respect custom themes if the theme is also installed via Flatpak. If the theme is installed via some other means (in /usr/share/themes, or ~/.themes) then Flatpak apps can't access it because of the sandbox (or at least, depending on how many holes their sandbox has).

Being an email application, Geary is likely to be subjected to attacks by malicious parties, so Geary's Flatpak sandbox is quite rigorous. You'd probably need to poke a hole in it yourself so the theme can be found if it has not been installed in via Flatpak.

So I'd suggest checking that your theme has been installed from Flathub for 3.34, maybe check using `flatpak list`? And if not then installing it if available, or else filing a bug with your theme's developer to update it or make it available to Flathub, and then using a command like `flatpak override --user --filesystem=~/.themes:ro org.gnome.Geary` to poke a hole in the sandbox until they do.

Since this has come up a few times now in various channels, I've added a FAQ entry baed on this as well: <>


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