Re: [Geary] Call for testing: 0.13

On Fri, 8 Feb, 2019 at 9:15 PM, step21 <step21 devtal de> wrote:
so finally I get around to do at least some testing. :) Unfortunately, master fails to compile for me. I am sure it is some problem on my end, but maybe you can take a look? I pasted the output of meson build and ninja -C build here: <>

Thanks for giving it a shot! :) The compiler is saying it can't find some new-ish symbols like GearyServiceInformation, which is pretty weird. Also, if that paste is the complete output, Meson is skipping over a whole bunch of compilation steps, some of which might have generated those missing symbols.

I'd try both making sure you have git master checked out and up to date (git checkout master && git pull), and also try deleting the build dir and re-building from scratch.

Let me know either way if that helps?


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